White Buffalo Horn Necklace in Pastel Pink Lacquer Fusion

White Buffalo Horn Necklace in Pastel Pink Lacquer Fusion

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Add a statement to your everyday look with our stunning two layers buffalo horn necklace from the DIDAJ Colorful Impressions Collection. This striking piece is a combination of high polish natural white buffalo horn and a mixture of horn lacquered in pastel pink shade. Pairing different sizes of links, the Colorful Impressions necklace will say that you're unique. Slip it on and transform the ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one.


COLOR: Combination of buffalo horn in natural white and pastel pink lacquer. Each piece is unique to the cut of the horn so a slight variation of color may occur.

MATERIAL: Natural buffalo horn, lacquer

COMPOSITION: Versatile, one of a kind handmade statement accessory 

CARE: Clean occasionally, as needed, with a dry tissue or dry soft cloth. Do not clean with water

MEASUREMENTS: Length Approx: 29", Lacquered Links Size: 75mm x 60mm

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Material imported from Vietnam