Our Story

With the mission of empowering the voices of women around the world, we want you to say who you are, confident in your style choices with BellaLunas wear.

We want every woman to be smart, dynamic and strong. We want every woman to be visible and express herself with confidence, elegance, and beauty as we complete her one of a kind look.

The essence of BellaLunas style is timeless elegance centering around originality, craftsmanship, and show-stopping pieces. From casual to evening wear, our collection is a fragment of a woman’s being making her look and feel her best, as she goes about their day.  

You will love our one of a kind beautiful accessories and ready to wear collections. We deliver exceptional art, using exclusively beautiful fabrics and natural materials. We are confident that you will fall in love with our BellaLunas unique, innovative designs. Our selection of products is influenced by personal stories, romantic nostalgia, world travel, and art. 

Let your inner and outer beauty shine through! 

Irene wears many hats in her life. As well as being a mother of three, she has over twenty years of experience in consumer marketing while traveling the world. Once a creative producer and radio host of the personal growth program known as True to Yourself, Irene believes it is important to inspire others to authentically live their best life always. She loves everything beautiful as beauty inspires her, and she aims to share this vision of hers through BellaLunas with the rest of the world.

"Every woman must celebrate herself, embrace her beauty and value her being as she journeys through life. BellaLunas are these women, confident, smart, chic and beautiful."
Irene Sirota
Chief Executive Officer


Alyona has been in the jewelry business for over fifteen years, creating unique and exotic pieces for clients across the globe. Alyona’s love for art organically transpired from her roots as a professional dancer, performer, teacher, producer and choreographer. Alyona is passionate about creating custom designs for all of her clientele through her jewelry line, DIDAJ. With eagerness to explore more into the fashion world, she is excited as ever to move forward, creating and designing for both DIDAJ and BellaLunas. 

"Creating jewelry has been a lifelong passion and has given me a great deal of satisfaction. I especially enjoy the pleasure it brings my clientele, from all over the world."
Alyona Borochin


Together, out of their mutual love for art and fashion, Irene and Alyona have formed a partnership, and BellaLunas was born. Fashionistas at heart, they have always been on the lookout for the latest fashion trends and are thrilled to share with you BellaLunas’s one of a kind handmade stylish accessories, elegant fashion wear and beautiful inspirations for everyday life. Whether you are into classics, bohemia or minimalism, BellaLunas will embrace you with unique timeless designs that are filled with creativity and craftsmanship.  As the creative director of your life, embrace the timeless elegance of BellaLunas wear and look fabulous in our show-stopping pieces as you go about your day! 

“One of the best things about being a woman
is your right to give the gift of fashion to yourself and wear beautiful things.”
Irene Sirota, Chief Executive Officer 
Alyona Borochin, President