Whimsical Charms Earrings

Whimsical Charms Earrings

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Feel whimsical with our one of a kind handcrafted buffalo horn lightweight charms earrings. The playful earrings are a fusion of buffalo horn in purple lacquer with crystal charms. Have fun wearing them day or night.


COLOR: Natural buffalo horn in purple lacquer. Features crystal bumble bees charms with gold plated brass. Each piece is unique to the cut of the horn so a slight variation of color may occur.

MATERIAL: Sustainable, ethically sourced natural buffalo horn, lacquer, crystals, gold plated brass

COMPOSITION: Versatile, one of a kind handmade accessory 

CARE: Clean occasionally, as needed, with a dry tissue or dry soft cloth. Do not clean with water

MEASUREMENTS: Length: 50mm without ear clip

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Handmade in USA, material imported from Vietnam