Circlet Bangle

Circlet Bangle

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Handmade, one of a kind chunky bangle is a fusion of natural and burgundy lacquered buffalo horn. From chic to casual look, this timeless bracelet will be a statement every time. Suitable for small wrist.


COLOR: Combination of black & brown buffalo horn with burgundy lacquer. Each piece is unique to the cut of the horn so a slight variation of color may occur.

MATERIAL: Sustainable, ethically sourced natural buffalo horn, lacquer

COMPOSITION: Versatile, one of a kind handmade statement accessory 

CARE: Clean occasionally, as needed, with a dry tissue or dry soft cloth. Do not clean with water

MEASUREMENTS: 3.25" X 2", hole size: 63mm / 2.25", wrist size: small

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Material imported from Vietnam